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15 - 17 Feb 2022

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Stage 2 - Dissemination and Participation

November 2021 – January 2022

Welcome to Stage 2 of the IMRC 2022. Thanks to you all for participating in Stage 1- A Confluence of Ideas. The Stage 1 has been extremely successful and presented us with PROBLEM STATEMENTS which have emerged from various sources: Outcomes of the report on IMRC 2020, Inputs from industry survey, and Various outcomes of the Maritime India Vision 2030 published by the GOI.

As we embark on Stage 2 – Dissemination and Participation, we welcome you to browse through the carefully selected and formulated problem statements. These will be the focus of IMRC 2022. We invite you to participate by nominating yourself or your colleagues who would like to join us as we explore solutions to these problem statements. Click on each to know more.

Major Port Authorities Bill introducing transformation of port trusts and the Landlord Model

Category: Ports and Logistics

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Big Data and Predictive Analytics for efficient shipping operations

Category: Maritime Operations

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Future Competence and Training Requirements

Category: Maritime HR and Training

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Jobs and Training Capacity Matching

Category: Maritime HR and Training

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Sustainable Advancement of India Controlled Tonnage

Category: Commerce and Economy

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Additive Manufacturing for Sustainable Shipbuilding, Maintenance, and Repair

Category: Technological Advancements & Shipbuilding

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Advanced analytics-based energy efficiency management and judicious implementation of technologies for achieving the targets of GHG emissions by 2030 and 2050.

Category: Health, Safety, Environment

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Stage 3

Online Event: 15th - 17th February 2022

Panel of Experts engage in Deliberation & Reflection with Moderation in a virtual environment broadcast worldwide!

Stage 4

February – March 2022

IMRC committee will gather Constructive Conclusions and Outcomes and publish papers with ready solutions for the industry

Stage 5

April 2022

IMRC organizers and committee will reach the Industry to disseminate the Solutions in the next IJMRD journal (ISSN 2456-7035) issue!

Patrons and Speakers

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