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The International Maritime Research Confluence is organized by the ISF Institute of Research and Education (IIRE). IIRE was established in 2013. IIRE is a non-profit unit of the ISF Group dedicated to developing and delivering integrated educational and research programs. IIRE is heavily involved in research programs and benchmarking surveys for the Maritime Industry. IIRE has also published peer reviewed journals, working paper series, white papers, training materials, and application notes.


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Compensation and Benefits Surveys

One of the big research projects conducted by IIRE is the Compensation and Benefits Surveys running since 2009. The survey is a wages benchmarking survey conducted annually for the for the sailing officers in various ranks of all types of merchant vessels of foreign shipping companies.

Benchmarking of Maritime Training Institutes

IIRE recently conducted the research and survey of benchmarking the Maritime Training Institutes. The purpose of this survey is to formally identify institutes that deliver quality education and training. These institutes form part of preferred institutes on MASSA/FOSMA websites.

Journal of Maritime Research and Development (IJMRD)

The IJMRD is a platform for publication peer reviewed of articles, manuscripts, technical notes, etc. on a wide range of Maritime related topics. The first IJMRD Journal was launched in MASSA Mumbai Annual Function in October 2016. Since then 4 issues have been published with high quality cutting-edge topics. The IJMRD is an ISSN registered journal.

Working Paper Series (ISFIRE)

ISFIRE is a platform for authors in Economics to publish their research/book chapters, academic articles, reviews/notes which are under submission, or forthcoming elsewhere. The papers are reviewed by experts and eminent academicians. The first ISF Working Paper Series was published in April 2013 and its ISSN Number was received on 7th August 2015.

Global Seafaring Human Resource report 2019

The Global Seafaring Human Resource Report 2019 is an effective tool to assist the ship owners and operators across the globe to understand the growing needs of Global Shipping Economy, and the current availability of seafarers from various regions, future potentials, and relative competitiveness. The report renders help to Ship Owners and Operators in regard to making informed decision when selecting choice of Seafarers to operate their ships efficiently and effectively.

Book Store

IIRE has been an open and welcoming platform for authors to publish their books written in languages English and Hindi. IIRE also supports authors by designing covers, proof reading, copy-editing and layout editing. Publishing includes acquiring ISBN number for publications and distribution support through our online bookstore and other popular online platforms. IIRE has also launched new authors and their books popular events. Publications also include publish and release of master, doctoral theses of researchers.

Thesis Library

IIRE provides platform to scholars for presenting their thesis in a digital format for wider reach.


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