Patrons and Speakers

Shri Amitabh Kumar
Director General of Shipping (Patron)

Chief Patron at the IMRC, 2020

Mr. Sanjay Bhatia
Chairman, Mumbai Port Trust (Patron)

Patron at the IMRC, 2020

Dr. K.M. Sivakholundu
Vice Chancellor, IMU (Patron)

Patron at the IMRC, 2020

Arun Sharma
Executive Chairman, IR Class (Patron)

Patron at the IMRC, 2020

Navin Passey
Chairman, FOSMA (Patron)

Patron at the IMRC, 2020

Prashant Ragnekar
Chairman, MASSA (Patron)

Patron at the IMRC, 2020

Dr. Jeff Obbard
International Partnerships, Cranfield University (Singapore)

Climate Change, Sustainable Goals and the Maritime Industry 

Dr. Arnab Das
Director, Maritime Research Center (Pune)

Acoustic Habitat Degradation in Indian Ocean Region

Jagmeet Singh Makkar
Director, SkillsPlus (Hongkong)

Developing an Eco System of shared values and collective impact across Maritime Industry - Identifying the red thread from Indian Perspective. 

Mr. Rajesh Tandon
Global Director: Industrial Relations & Seafarer Dev., V.Group (Mumbai)

Seagoing Human Resources - Preparing for 2030

Capt. Sabbir Mahmood
Chief Nautical Studies, Bangladesh Marine Academy (Bangladesh)

Implementation of controlling the seafarer’s recruitment and placement services under MLC 2006: A case study of Bangladesh.  

Capt. Purnendu Shorey
Co-Founder, Offing Group (Mumbai)

Offshore Wind – It’s in the Offing!
Offshore Wind Farming - manning and training in India  

Dr. Jai Acharya
Managing Director, Global Maritime Consultants Group (Singapore)

Development of Methodology & Model to Assess & Manage Ship Emissions