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Major Port Authorities Bill introducing transformation of port trusts and the Landlord Model

Category: Ports and Logistics

Context and Overview:

The major ports in India were owned by the Indian government and they were run as trusts following a hybrid format of the long obsolete service port model and the preferred landlord model of port management followed globally. With the passing of the new bill of the landlord port model, the publicly governed port authority will act as a regulatory body and as landlord while private companies carry out port operations—mainly cargo-handling activities. This session will discuss on the impact of the new bill and focusses on how 

  • Model Concession Agreement to become more equitable and less contentious, which can further sustainable growth of the port and logistics sector and promote PPP. 
  • Panel for Arbitration can be established effectively for dispute resolution and the method and challenges. 


How was the problem statement formulated?

The IMRC 2022 problem statements are the result of Stage I – Confluence of Ideas conducted from August 2021 to October 2021. The Confluence of ideas involved the following activities: 

  • Industry survey conducted by the IMRC team which received participation from industry and academia across maritime sector.
  • Review of the Outcomes of IMRC 2020 which were focus areas and burning issues in various industry sectors 
  • Study and review of the Maritime India Vision 2030 document by the Government of India. 

The result was: 7 SOLID TOPICAL PROBLEM STATEMENTS formulated by the IMRC committee which require our attention on a priority basis, target SDGs, and are from various areas across the maritime sector.


Invitation to PARTICIPATE:

As we embark on Stage 2 – Participation, we welcome you to browse through these carefully selected and formulated problem statements. These will be the focus of IMRC 2022. We invite you to participate by nominating yourself or your colleagues who would like to join us as we explore solutions to these problem statements. You can contribute in several ways: 

  • Write a research paper for publication and reference
  • Present my research/work on the topic by participating in the Panel
  • I have a long working experience in this sector and can contribute to meaningful discussion

Fill the form and join us as we start the quest for sustainable solutions for the problem statements. You can fill the form below or click here to access the form:

Based on your response and overall responses received globally, the select committee will shortlist and finalize contributors for each session.

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