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Category: Maritime HR and Training

Context and Overview:

Reputed organizations such as IMO, BIMCO, Drewry regularly publish reports that project shortage of seagoing  nautical and engineer officers. 

This information very often results in enhancement of MTI capacities and establishment of new institutes. Unfortunately, while this may enhance the number of seafarers at trainee levels, it does not address the shortage which exists at higher ranks and for different vessel types.

The challenges are several fold, including – lack of clarity on future demand, availability of "apprenticeship berths" i.e., completion of sea time; and sluggishness in upward mobility of seafarers in ranks due to limitations of numbers clearing higher competency examinations. 

The session will explore details into the projected shortage. Reasons leading up to the shortage. 

  • Ascertain desirable ratio between time + resources spent training an officer" vs "actual career at sea"
  • Alternatives with Internships & employment.
  • Exploring a novel proposal: Sea-going cadet training ship owned by MTI & Ship Manning Companies! 
  • Economic and technical feasibility of the above proposition for organizations.

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